Friday, May 27, 2011

No Filter Friday

Time to take off the tape and say what's on my mind. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!
  1. I love Oprah and will miss her show dearly, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in her big 2-day finale this week. Some of the special guests she had on this so-called extravaganza weren't so great. There were some touching moments honoring Oprah, but some of it seemed awkward, i.e. Tom Cruise sitting next to Oprah holding her hand - ugh! Oh and I pray to God I never hear that horrible rendition of Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin again. Talk about mutilating a beautiful song!
  2. Lady Gaga is on every possible show promoting her new album so I'm feeling a little Gaga'd out. I think she is a great talent but her costumes and antics overshadow her abilities.
  3. Both of my boys have Fifth Disease. For those of you who don't know what Fifth Disease is, it's a rash basically all over your body. It doesn't itch. You don't get a fever. It's just a butt-ugly rash. Once the rash is exposed on your body, you're no longer contagious. You are contagious 3 days prior to the rash. WTF is that? When you have absolutely no symptoms, you're contagious? Once you have the symptoms, you're fine? I should've kept them home before I knew they had anything but now they can go anywhere. Like I want to bring my kids out in public with this scary-looking rash. I'm their mother and I'm afraid of them.


  1. I was extremely disappointed in the let's kiss Oprah's Ass Parade. I love Oprah like the rest of them, but seriously this is what us watchers of the last 25 years got?! I couldn't stomach it after the first day and opted out of the last two. I am forever utterly disappointed.

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