Friday, May 13, 2011

No Filter Friday

Here's what's bugging me this Friday the 13th.
  1. I keep seeing all these posts about the world coming to an end or the second coming happening in a few weeks. Why do people feed into superstition? It can only create panic and anxiety. If the world is coming to an end, I don't want to know about it. It's not like I can stop it. Just let it happen.
  2. I have friends who decide to go on various kinds of diets and then tell me how they don't feel well or are light-headed or cranky. EAT SOMETHING! Maybe you'll feel better.
  3. Again, doctors do anything to get you back into their office. My almost 2 year old fell and hit his nose the other day. I took him to an ear, nose and throat doctor to have it checked out and confirm it was not broken or fractured (it wasn't). Then he told me he wants me to come back in a week to make sure the swelling goes down. Don't you think I can tell if the swelling goes down? Do I need to pay you the specialist co-pay and have my child pitch a fit so you can tell me the swelling went down?
  4. I'm noticing worse drivers on the road these days. I'm seeing so many red lights being run and turns from the wrong lane that I'm becoming more and more afraid to drive, especially with the kids in the car. There are rules for a reason. Try following them!
  5. The terrible twos aren't what they used to be - at least that's what my mom says. Any time we're going in the car, it's a 10-minute battle to get the almost 2 year old in the car seat. There's a screaming fit anytime we're in a store. It's a wrestling match to get him changed. There is an incessant amount of "no" in his vocabulary. I think Mommy needs a time out.

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