Saturday, May 14, 2011

Action Adventure Aversion

Every once in a while, hubs and I actually get a chance to watch a movie. The kids will go to bed early enough so there's a 2-hour window for us to catch something on cable or on-demand before I drift off to lala land.

Last night we happened to be lucky. Playing on-demand was Salt, a film starring Angelina Jolie that I remember seeing commercials for a while back and had enough action to hold hubs' interest. I came to a sudden realization about 20 minutes into the film. I hate action-packed movies. I don't care who's starring in it, I get bored with all the chases and shootings. The twists and turns in a film usually keep me going despite the incessant car chases, but last night I gave in. With about 30 minutes left until the end, I was asleep on the couch.

I'm tired of forcing myself to try to enjoy something that I clearly don't enjoy. Action adventures just aren't my cup of tea, and I just need to accept that. Give me a good romance, some drama, even - dare I say - a good musical, I'm all in. Not a chance I'm snoozing through one of those films. I think there's only so much action I can take, and then I simply need a nap.


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  2. I heartily agree! I enjoyed Salt because Joile is fascinating to watch but I get bored during the fights and chases as you said. I am sitting there thinking, "Ok get on with the story already!"

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