I am an avid reader. Granted having 2 small boys makes it difficult to get as much reading in as I would like, but nonetheless, I do read every day. I missed my goal completely in 2013 by thinking I had plenty of time to read, so I aimed to read 28 books. I think I only hit 20! It was a busy year. My goal for 2014 is to try to read 12 books - I scaled it down quite a bit. I'd like to share my love of reading with anyone else who loves to read so this is my attempt to do so. Here's what I'm reading now:

After the Rain by Karen White
Here's the official blurb about the book:

Suzanne Paris is a freelance photographer on the run from an abusive ex-fiancĂ© when she unexpectedly lands in tiny Walton, Georgia, in White’s distinctively southern follow-up to Falling Home (2002). Uncertain about her future, Suzanne means to stop only briefly. Yet she is immediately sucked in by the homey warmth and personal stories of the townsfolk, particularly seemingly stern mayor Joe Warner and his six motherless children. Taken in by Joe’s well-meaning family and neighbors, Suzanne slowly begins to relax. Yet the sexual tension between her and Joe, who has made it clear from the start that he does not entirely approve of her for some reason, adds a pleasant seesawing to Suzanne’s days. Toss in a mystery about her mother’s locket, the ever-present threat of her ex catching up with her, and Suzanne’s struggle to avoid the ghosts of her past despite needing to lay them to rest, and the story line sweetly compels.

All books I read are for my enjoyment only. I am not being paid to read these books nor have they been provided to me for free by any one or any company.