Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

MizB at Should Be Reading hosts Monday Musings. This week’s musing asks…The local Catholic school board is closing its school libraries, and parents and teachers –and even the students– are in an uproar. Budget cuts demanded that the board choose something to get rid of… they choose libraries. As such, many librarians have lost their jobs. And, the board is moving the books to the classrooms, instead. They feel that it is a good solution.

What do you think? Should the schools be without an actual “library” room? Is this a good solution?

I personally have fond memories of my school library. I love all libraries. All those books lined up on shelves, the fact that you need to be quiet, sitting at a table quietly reading - you can't get any of that if the books are in a classroom. Yes, kids will still have access to the same books, but the atmosphere makes a difference. The setting can instill a desire to read, and I feel that's what libraries do. They create a special place designated to reading. While it's a feasible solution to put the books in the classroom, I'm afraid the cutbacks will likely cut back the number of children who desire to read.


  1. agreed, i think libraries are a great place to fall in love with that book you will remember for the rest of your life,

    The Book Mystress, xx

  2. Yeah, the library is a special place, one that is calm and peaceful in the hecticness of a school. Kids need them.

    Here's mine:

  3. Our responses are really alike, I completely agree!
    Have a great monday!

  4. In many urban area, the local Catholic school (and I am a product of an urban Catholic school)is the safest, best alternative. And money is always a big issue. Remember, they do NOT get tax dollars but must support themselves. Can parents pay more, can teachers be paid less? If not, then terrible choices have to be made sometimes...sad but true.

  5. This is sad, how these tough economic times are affecting our students this way. Like you, I have fond memories of libraries as well, from elementary to graduate school days. Actually, until now, I love hanging out in the public library. There's just something about being in a quiet place like that, in the company of books.

    Looking forward to reading more from you! Following you from the Get Wired Wed. blog hop! :-)