Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Monmouth County Cupcake Manhunt

I don't know about you but I love cake. The best part of most events is the cake at the end. Then the glorification of the cupcake came along, and I was hooked. I served a room full of 5 year olds cupcakes at my son's 5th birthday party - and it was delightful!

There are quite a few shows on now that involve cupcakes: Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes, The Cupcake Girls, Cupcake Sisters. I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are the ones that come to mind. I'm a sucker for these shows, especially Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.
This show challenges bakers from different cupcake bakeries to make cupcakes using certain ingredients within a fixed period of time. Not only is the show entertaining with its creativity, it gives small bakeries a chance to get some exposure. And there are lots of cupcake bakeries out there, except around here.
My new mission is to find local cupcake bakeries. I'm unaware of specific cupcake bakeries in the area, but I'm they must be here somewhere. I do know of one bakery, Ye Olde Pie Shoppe, that makes FANTASTIC cupcakes. But I want to find a cupcake-specific bakery and just marvel at all I see . . . and taste.
My manhunt is officially underway, and I'll be sure to keep you abreast of my findings. You realize, of course, this is all just an excuse to eat cupcakes.


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  2. OH MY GOD! I live so close to you I want to know your discoveries so I can try them!

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  4. TY for stopping in with the MOnday Blog hop!!---I too am a Cupcake war nut---some of the flavors are Amazing!!!!

    Good luck with you cupcake hunt!

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