Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Push Me

Summer colds are the worst and my 3 year old always manages to catch one. I'm especially freaked out this year because of the baby. My mother says "Keep them away from each other." Oh ok. I suppose the baby and I will should move out of the house just to stay away from the 3 year old. It's near impossible to keep them apart. We're all living and breathing (and sneezing) the same air. Then my mother proceeds to say "You know how terrible a cold is for a baby? Their noses are so little and they have a hard time breathing." Thank you mom! Now I'm even more freaked out. She knows I don't handle illness well. If mother knows best, why is mother trying to push me over the edge?

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Joy of 3

It's been quite some time since I posted so let me see . . . where to begin. Baby boy #2 is sleeping through the night. He's 12 weeks old today - woo hoo - and he really is a good sleeper. He's still sleeping now and it's 7:45am. He did wake up at about 5am but was back in his crib by 5:30am. I really can't complain, but of course I will. It is exhausting during the day with 2 little ones. The 3 year old really keeps me going. He gets bored so easily and constantly wants to do something. He is in desperate need of a playmate, someone his own age. The husband and I try to keep him entertained but we have other things to take care of and just can't play with him all day. I have been taking the boys out to parks and playdates, but the baby doesn't always cooperate. Plus it's been very hot lately and I don't want to keep the baby out in the heat for long periods of time. It's a fine balance between reason and insanity when it comes to deciding what to do for the day. Right now I'm trying to figure out if we should head out today. Maybe to a store where it's nice and cool inside. But then I'll only spend money I shouldn't on things we don't need. If we go out early in the day, when we get home the 3 year old wants to know "Now what?" I swear there are mornings when he comes downstairs out of bed and asks me that question. Life is simply constant entertainment for him. Oh to be 3 again!