Saturday, April 18, 2009

You're Cramping My Style

Here's one thing (and there are many) no one tells you before you get pregnant - you're gonna have leg cramps after you get pregnant. I had calf cramps the first go around and they always happened at night in bed. No big deal, I was already laying down. This time, heading into blessed month #9, I am having thigh cramps . . . while standing . . . or walking . . . and they're PAINFUL. But they do pass rather quickly. However, did I mention they're PAINFUL? And the worst part is they catch you off guard. I was walking into the kitchen yesterday, turned towards the refrigerator to get some water and BAM, thigh cramp that actually made me yell out loud. What the hell was that? I asked my husband if he remembered me having thigh cramps during my first pregnancy, and I got his stock response to most things I ask these days, "I don't know. I don't remember." Needless to say he's tuning out all my complaining. But I digress. I miss the days of my 3 inch stilletos. I endured the winter without wearing my favorite boots - 3 inches as well. I long for my high-heeled wedges for the spring. I love my guys, but having kids really cramps your style.

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