Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Steps - Step 2

So I actually made it to Babies R Us this morning. I dropped the little guy off at school and with some persuasion from my mother, we went shopping. I very easily could've blown it off until Thursday morning, even though I do have an ob/gyn appointment that morning and probably won't feel like going after that, but she was up for going with me so we went. Now I have a coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit, big brother and little brother matching shirts (too cute!!!), and laundry detergent to wash crib sheets as well as what I have in storage. And it only took an hour. It actually felt pretty good shopping for newborn baby clothes. The little snaps and cute socks, it really tugs at a mom's heart. At all costs I tried to avoid the little girl clothes - I LOVE the little girl clothes. Surprisingly I was able to see them without getting upset. There may have been a deep breath or two and a sigh here and there, but overall I'd say the trip was successful and it made me a little bit more excited about the arrival of baby boy #2.

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