Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Answer the Question

Did someone ever ask you a question and you need to tell the preamble in order to explain the answer to the question? It's basically called conversation, otherwise there would be one word answers to every single question asked and no conversation at all. There are people that just don't have time for that I guess. They ask a question and only want the answer. No need to explain yourself, no need to set the scene, no need for any extra fluff. And when you start to provide some extras before they hear an answer to the question, they cut you off. I think that's just plain old rude. Here's an example:

Questioner: "How was your doctor's appointment?"

Responder: "Interesting. I was in the waiting room and ran into someone I haven't seen in about a year who just moved to the next town over and she's 3 months pregnant and . . ."

Questioner: "Stop. How's the baby? Is the baby ok?"

Believe me, I've had days when I just want someone to answer my question and stop chatting away, telling me their life story when I simply asked if it was warm outside. But most of the time, I enjoy adult conversation. I like the scene to be set. I like the build up. Especially when I'm home with a 2 year old all day. So when someone rudely interrupts my conversation, I wonder why they even asked me a question. Cutting me off mid-sentence with your obvious lack of interest in what I'm saying to you infuriates me. I'm trying to make conversation, share my life with you. If you're so uninterested in me, don't ask me a question. I think people like that only deserve one-word answers, to everything. And if they start looking for more, looking for you to expand on what you've said, just tell them you answered the question. Apparently, the answer in the above scenario should've been "Fine." I imagine that would've sufficed and the conversation would have been over. "Ok. Nice talking with you. Bye now." I guess the world would be a lot quieter. Phone calls a lot cheaper. Life a lot emptier. Conversation extinct. We would all basically be robots, just answering the question.

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