Monday, April 13, 2009

No Assurance in Sight

I was just thinking about a couple of different news items that occurred this past week and had to jot down my thoughts. First I read about the infamous "Octomom" who may be getting her own reality show. At first I thought, "Oh Please! Can this woman please stay out of the news." But then the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. I think I might watch that show. I swore after American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Project Runway (where is that show by the way), I would not take on any more reality shows. That was it for me - strictly talent-related reality shows. I was never one to watch The Bachelor or The Swan - hated them. But "Octomom", is it because she's a mom? Is it because I'm about to be a mom again and I'm curious to see how a woman manages 14 when I'm having panic attacks about 2? Is it a train wreck that I just have to slow down to see for myself? Either way, I might sneak a peek if it ever airs. The second news item was about this Huckaby woman in California, a mother herself, who allegedly kidnapped and murdered her daughter's best friend. Granted the whole story is not out as of my posting date, but she's a mom. Aren't moms supposed to look out for other children? Isn't it just maternal instinct that makes us want to nurture another child? Even the California cops are surprised that the alleged murderer is a woman and a mother - definitely not the typical stereotype for a kidnapper/murderer of a young child. I'm at a loss when I think about these two diverse news items about moms. One can't stop having children and the other killed one. I feel bad for the children in both situations, especially for the child of Huckaby who lost not only her best friend but is about to lose her mother as well. I think children look to their mothers for security and reassurance that all will be okay in their own little worlds. I see my little guy look over for me every so often during the day, just to make sure I'm still there and that everything is just fine. When you have 13 siblings, do you feel reassured when you're looking for mom who's probably up to her eyeballs in diapers and mayhem? How about if your mom has to go to prison for killing your best friend? What kind of reassurance is that? How secure in her world will that child feel? Two completely different situations with a similar outcome for the children - no assurance in sight.

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