Monday, April 20, 2009

Say My Name

So here we are 5 weeks from the due date of baby boy #2 and we still cannot decide on a name. This is typical of us. I think it was a week or 2, maybe even less, before we agreed on a name for the first little guy. I have a problem with boys' names. I like very few and the few I like, my husband doesn't. I want something simple and 2 syllables at most. Our last name is 9 letters long and 3 syllables, so there's no need to make anything more complicated. My husband likes the standard, non-fancy, non-of-the-moment names. I do as well, but I just don't like any of them for my own child. Between the two of us, most of our family members already have the standard names, and I honestly don't want to name my child after any of these people. Sounds cruel? Maybe. But it's the truth. Then I run into the problem of friends already having children with names I might have named my own, so can't use those names either. My husband doesn't get that. He thinks if you like a name, you should use it, regardless of who else you know already named their own child with it. I can't do it. I don't want to be thought of as a copycat. Plus I don't want our children having the same name. It's simple to me - not to him. I'm still unsure what we're going to name baby boy #2, but I'm hopeful we'll come up with it before delivery time.

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