Wednesday, April 8, 2009

40 and Pregnant

I have to say being 40 and pregnant sucks. I was 37 when my first was born, and I thought that was rough. This is bordering on ridiculous. Not only am I a high-risk pregnancy because of my age, therefore requiring every possible test known to mankind for pregnant women, but my body is just hurting. It's difficult to walk because my hips are in pain. It's difficult to sleep because my hips are in pain. It's difficult to sit because . . . well, just because. I was never a big girl, exercised on a regular basis, and pretty much kept fit. Could I have been fitter before getting pregnant, yes. Could I have strengthened my muscles like my husband recommended, yes. But I was by no means "out of shape" or "overweight." Who knew carrying a baby was so painful? Probably every woman who was ever pregnant but for some reason forgets all the misery involved. I admit, I'm guilty of that. I remember feeling so sick during my first pregnancy, and then after the birth going to my ob/gyn on my first 6 week visit asking when it was safe for me to get pregnant again. What was I thinking?!?! Granted, I wanted another child. I felt my little guy should have a sibling and I wanted a baby girl. But it seems it takes my body 2 years to get pregnant. I'm not sure why, and there's no scientific study done on me, but I've had 3 pregnancies and each time took about 2 years to come to fruition. Be that as it may, here I am at 40 and feeling simply miserable. This is exactly what I wanted, another child, but I'm so tired and my body hurts so much, I just want to cry some days. And some days I do. While being pregnant with 7 weeks and counting to go until my due date, I probably wouldn't recommend getting pregnant to an "older" woman. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that after I give birth, I will probably forget the bad stuff and think it wasn't so awful. I've told friends and family to remind me of all my complaining and agonizing over these past 9 months so that I would be dissuaded from doing this again. Somehow, I don't think those reminders will matter. If all goes well, I just might think it's worth it to try again for that baby girl.

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