Friday, April 17, 2009

Family First

I heard on the radio yesterday that Heidi Klum was pregnant again with her 4th child. I was surprised at first. When did celebrities start having more than 2 children, tops? There are the few anomalies out there - Kelly Ripa has 3 children, Jon Bon Jovi has 4, Brangelina has . . . I don't know how many they have these days, but that's a different topic altogether. Are celebrities becoming less selfish? Is the focus more on family than on self? Are the tides beginning to turn, even in main street society? Maybe. Look at all the new "reality" shows featuring large families. When did it become en vogue to reproduce the size of a baseball team. Look at Jon & Kate +8, Table for 12, 18 & Counting. These are all reality shows on one cable network or another featuring families with sextuplets, multiple sets of twins, and so on. These are normal, every day families that live around the corner. It seems like gone are the days of 2.5 children, the big house, the fancy car, me, me, me. I think people are beginning to find the satisfaction they need in family instead of things. In these hard economic times, there are fewer things you can purchase that will make you feel complete. Nothing makes you feel more complete than your own child. I feel it when I look at the little guy sometimes. He's part of me and he's just . . . well, perfect. And I mean that in the motherly sense, of course. Maybe we're all feeling that in these days of uncertainty in the world. Nothing is more certain than seeing your own child smile. And I suppose the more smiles, the better.

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