Friday, July 8, 2011

Wisharoo Park

Wisharoo Park is a new children's preschool program aimed at promoting self-esteem in the 3-6 year old age group. This adorable park features loveable characters who explore their own personal strengths and develop a positive self-image in each story.

The cast of characters include:
Wisharoo, the caring kangaroo mother-figure
Monkey B, the multi-talented singing monkey
Califlower, the artisic floppy-eared rabbit
Wisherfish, the grumpy old catfish
Mermee, the inquisitive Merkid
Pompadour, the self-conscious skunk
The Duckles, the prankster pair of ducks
Ranger Bob, Wisharoo Park ranger

I received a complimentary 2-disc DVD to review for this post, as well as a bunch of star fingerpuppets, in a chocolate bowl. Seriously, take a look at this fantastically elaborate chocolate bowl that was supplied to me. It looks so nice, I'm afraid to eat it.

Each story on the DVD features a learning lesson as well as songs. The lessons are pretty easy to understand, mainly about believing in yourself and accepting differences in others. All are valuable lessons that can never be reinforced too many times, in my opinion. The songs, well, sometimes I felt the songs were a bit too long. Here's the opening theme to each Wisharoo Park episode.

This is definitely not something that's going to hold the attention of those under the age of 3. My 2 year old sat for about a minute or two, and then was off onto something else. My 5 year old hung in there for quite a while through the first DVD. It definitely held his interest. Of course, the star fingerpuppets were a big hit - even with the 2 year old.

The Wisharoo Park website has some wonderful games and activities as well as videos that you can watch. I'm not sure when and where this program will be available for viewing, but the DVD is available online.

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