Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Must Haves - Bookshelves

Welcome to Monday Must Haves, my place for cataloguing all those things I see in my day-to-day existence that I just gotta have. This week is about places to store your books. Many of us have stacks of books with no place to keep them. Here are some unique ideas on how to give those books a home.

The first item is called Conceal Book Shelf and, in my opinion, is ingenious. This sturdy device requires a hardcover book as its base on which all other books can be stacked. It can hold up to 14 pounds and can be used on any wall in your home. Now your books are not only "put away," but you have a piece of art on your wall. Love, love, love this idea!

The 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage is another space-saving idea to store your books. This hangs in any corner of your home with four beautifully designed shelves. Perfect for those tight spaces where putting an actual standing bookshelf is just not possible.

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