Monday, July 18, 2011

Musing Mondays

MizB at Should Be Reading hosts Musing Mondays. This week's musing asks . . . What is the last book you struggled to read through to the end, even though you weren’t really enjoying it? What made you keep reading?

Only once in my life have I ever put down a book midway through and not pick it back up to finish it. I have, on the other hand, struggled through many books that I wasn't particularly enjoying. The last one was "The Great Pretender" by Millenia Black. Oh, that was painful. It was poorly written and very predictable. I couldn't wait for it to be over. I kept reading it because it was a quick, easy read and thought if I just finished it, I won't have to think about it ever again.


  1. wow..if I had a nickle for every book I gave up because I hated it...
    I would have a couple of dollars!

  2. I also hate putting books down, but some are painful.

    Here's mine:

  3. Years ago I seldom left a book unfinished, but now I have no problem setting a book aside, that is, if the book and I are struggling. I have to many good books waiting on my bookshelves to waste time on a boring and uninteresting book.

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  5. If they're easy reads, I finish them even if they are painful :)
    Here is my answer