Friday, July 22, 2011

No Filter Friday

Time to take off the tape and let loose with what's on my mind this week:
  1. I think all the talk about this restaurant that doesn't allow children under 6 years old is AWESOME! I have 2 children, ages 5 and 2, and I hate going to restaurants. They don't listen. They whine. They fight. They get up and walk around. It's not enjoyable for me, and I'm their mother. How can that behavior be enjoyable for those trying to eat a meal around us? Lord knows if I actually get out to a restaurant without the kids, I don't want to hear or see somebody else's whining and yelling children. I'm trying to relax - kids-free!
  2. I know it's July in the middle of summer and it's supposed to be hot, but this friggin' heat is killing me.
  3. Wendi Murdoch, the feisty and gorgeous wife of Rupert Murdoch, is a superstar. When she smacked the fool who threw a pie at Rupert's face, I swear a new super-hero was born. Kudos to you, Wendi, for being the only person to stand up in a room full of mostly men to defend your husband. I just hope my hubs doesn't expect me to slap people around on his behalf. If he were 80, maybe. But he's not.

1 comment:

  1. I'd been kind of offended by the whole no kids in the restaurant issue until I read this. I guess I haven't been honest with myself lol. Although my children aren't a hassle when we go out, they are children. Just a couple weeks ago my toddler kicked a glass of wine I was drinking and it shattered all over the ground. :( I was nursing her. So yeah, I guess I get it. I love your blog.