Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Perfect Shirt

I can't seem to find any clothes that I'm comfortable in these days. My maternity clothes just don't fit me right. They seem so tight and make me look humongous. Actually, I am humongous. Then there are the clothes that seem to flatter one part of my anatomy right now that doesn't need to be pointed out - my belly button. I HATE the protruding belly button. Not only is it hideous to look at, it hurts. My belly button hurts when an article of clothing breezes over it, never mind my 3 year old saying "Mommy, what's this?" and touching it. That just gives me the heebee jeebees. So in an attempt to still look kind of cute, I stopped at Marshall's this morning after dropping the little guy off at school. I was in desperate need of tops and, fortunately, there are lots of loose-fitting tops for sale out there. As I perused the aisles, I thought JACKPOT. Lots of big, comfy shirts. I put about 5 of the biggest ones I could find in my cart, then I stopped to check out some big flowy dresses and put 3 of them in my cart. I was feeling good. I was getting that rush I used to get from shopping. In an effort to avoid sweating to death and becoming completely exhausted, I figured I would just buy everything, bring it home and whatever didn't fit or look right, I would just return. I got home and started the fashion show. First one was too tight - Mr. belly button was on display. Return pile. Next, not sure if I like it when it's on. Unsure pile. Next, not too bad. Keep pile. This went on for a few minutes until, at the bottom of the bag, there it was. The perfect shirt. I took it out, put it on and voila! I looked great for a 9 month pregnant woman. It was so comfortable and hung so beautifully, I'm still wearing it now. This is now my favorite shirt. I don't even think I want the other stuff. I think when I return everything else, I'll just pick up more of the perfect shirts. My shopping trip was a success - one perfect shirt. What more can a woman ask for?

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