Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So yesterday was my non-stress test at the hospital in labor & delivery. This is what I was apparently stressing about for several days now. This was BLISS! First of all, labor & delivery was so quiet you would think you just entered a library. There were no deliveries going on while I was there, and if there were, they were c-sections. I walk the long corridors (very long) and followed the nurse to my room. It was a lovely, quiet room with a view of the river. After the nurse hooked my belly up to the monitor, I laid in that bed with no lights, no TV, just the sound of baby boy #2's heartbeat and felt . . . completely relaxed. For the first time in years, I was alone in a room with no child, no husband, no mother, no one chatting me up or asking me questions or yelling at me to wake up. This was a mini-vacation that I truly had not expected. Granted it only lasted an hour, but this was the best hour I could remember in a long time. Who would've thought going to the hospital would've proven to be such a wonderful experience? I'm looking forward to next week's non-stress test for another mini-vacation. Sad, but true.

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