Sunday, May 17, 2009

Am I the Only One?

In the past 6 hours, my husband has spoken with 3 different women who have had children. When they asked how I was doing considering I was fast approaching my due date, my husband told them I was miserable with all the kicking and the discomfort. When asked if they experienced any sort of the same problems towards the end of their pregnancy, they each responded, "No." One of them worked right up until the end of her pregnancy and actually said it was an easy pregnancy. Hate her. Another said she had some discomfort but nothing awful. Hate her, too. The other really didn't profess anything profound, just like it was another day. And I hate her as well. Is it just me? Am I the only one suffering with an alien child and limbs coming out in every direction? Am I carrying the most active child ever known to mankind? Is my body just not built for carrying another person inside? These are the thoughts dominating my existence today . . . and it's really starting to make me angry. Please, for the love of God, tell me there's somebody else out there who's suffered at the end of their pregnancy. It's just not fair.

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