Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Due Date Minus 5 Days

In an effort to find some sort of positivity in my miserable daily existence, I am listing my Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Glad I STILL Didn't Go Into Labor:

1. More distance between the little guy's birthday and baby boy #2's birthday
2. The weather's nicer and it's warmer out
3. One day closer to swine flu going away
4. Friends are calling more frequently to check on how I'm doing (aka pity)
5. The car seat is still not in the car
6. My nightly wake-ups are due to discomfort, not screaming
7. My husband is finally expressing sympathy for my condition
8. The cold we've passed to each other seems to have gone away
9. One less whining male in the house
10. I actually got to watch a full season of all my TV shows

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