Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monmouth County Cupcake Manhunt - Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe

I'm making my way through Monmouth County searching for that cupcake bakery that I so desperately want to find. Plus, it's a fun activity to keep me and the kids busy during the summer.

Location #2 - Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe

By the looks of their logo, I thought I'd found the place I've been hunting for. Not quite. Ocean Grove is a quaint little town along the Jersey Shore. Lots of cute little shops and eateries along Main Street. This is a tiny little bakery with few choices by way of cupcake. Here were our selections:

Starting at top left going clockwise, a cookie crumb cupcake, then a black and white cupcake and finally a carrot cupcake. In a nutshell, this bakery is 1 for 3. The cookie crumb was the best out of them all. It was sweet frosting with delish cookie crumbs around the edges and moist-enough yellow cake. The other two were very, very dry and uninspiring. I would go so far as to say the carrot cupcake was stale. The black and white was simply yellow cake with chocolate frosting with a white stripe. This, too, was very stale-tasting. Needless to say I was disappointed again. Strike 2 in my quest.

Total cost for 3 cupcakes was $7. At least I didn't pay a fortune for day-old cupcakes. Sorry Ocean Grove, I won't be frequenting your cute little bakery again.

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