Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are Your Kids Still Up???

So it's 9:15pm where I am (NJ) and both of my boys are still awake. Something happened to my 2 year old once he turned 2. He decided he's not going to go to bed.

Bed time was never a problem for baby boy. He was always good at going to bed. He's been a pretty good sleeper since we brought him home from the hospital. Bed time has typically been 8-8:30pm. But now, here we are at 9:15pm and I can still hear him.

Hubs doesn't help much. Once baby boy goes to sleep, that's hubs' time to play with the 5 year old. They usually play a board game or wii or something just the 2 of them can enjoy together. I have no problem with that. I love that they get that time alone. But baby boy wants to play with the big boys now. I think hubs needs to change things up a bit.

I suppose now is the time to institute some sort of bedtime ritual for both boys. I fear neither of them will go willingly though. The 5 year old will miss out on time alone with hubs. The 2 year old won't stand to be left out of anything. Any suggestions? Mommy needs to clock out for a few hours before the sun comes up.


  1. Hi, I am stopping by from the stalker hop...oh I so remember those days when my girls were little...we use to let each of them stay up a little longer with their age. So, we had three daughters...the youngest had a bedtime of 8, the middle daughter got to stay up 30 minutes longer, and then the oldest got to stay up 30 minutes longer. This worked until middle school! It also gives them a time concept! :)

    hope you figure something out, if not...take it from this granny...don't sweat it too much! :)


  2. I wish I had some advice. I just moved my 18 month old to a toddler bed. He was previously a fantastic sleeper but now just gets in and out all night long to play. Sigh. I guess the routines just change as their needs change.

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  3. I'm so sorry..I wish I had advice for you but my little guy is only 10 months. I am not looking forward to those days! New follower from the hop! I'd love it if you could stop by and follow back! I also wanted to invite you to linkup to our Super Stalker Sunday bloghop! It's live now, would love to see you there!

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  5. I have many nights like those.. luckily my kids went to bed early tonight. Hope you get some sleep!

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  9. It must be in the east coast air because i swear my 3 year old is a witch at bed time lately! hardly sleeping! ugh I am dieing!

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  12. My son was like that, impossible to get to sleep. He's six now, and on a better schedule, but right now he's still up because we were at a picnic and he needs to unwind from playing.
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  13. Nice meeting you and I agree it is time for bedtime rituals. They REALLy worked in my house. Anyway, nice meeting you and look forward to more. Once I post this I will click to be your newest follower.

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