Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Must Haves - Feet

Welcome to Monday Must Haves, my place for cataloguing all those things I see in my day-to-day existence that I just gotta have. This week I'm focusing on feet. I'm not a big foot fan, but I'm always interested in whatever I see that may bring comfort to my tootsies. Heels can really do a number on the feet, so this week I've come across 2 products that will help relax those aching soles.

FootzyRolls are a cute, fashion-forward rollable ballet shoe that can hide in your bag until your feet just can't take it anymore. They come in stylish colors that go with any outfit, and they're even waterproof. Comfort and practicality all in one cute rollable shoe. These are great for travel, for the office, for a night out on the town. They roll and fold to fit in your smallest bag as your spare pair.

YogaToes do the work while you relax. Just put them on at the end of the day, and let YogaToes relax your muscles and increase circulation. These little wonders spread, stretch and exercise your toes. Relieves foot pain caused by tight shoes and high heels and being on your feet all day. Walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed - just like you've had a foot massage.


  1. FootzyRolls are super cute!! ^.^

  2. Those little shoes are fantastic! Stopping over from the It's Almost Friday Hop. Great blog.