Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bed Time's Become a Crime

My 2 year old is a bed-hopping fool these days. I love him dearly, but he needs to stay in his bed overnight.

I'm sure this is a phase. The question is, how long will this phase last? These black circles under my eyes are making me look even older than my 40-something years.

We decided to put the boys in bunkbeds thinking they would keep each other company. Not happening as of yet. The little monster comes running into our room at least twice every night. Last night was so bad, I don't think he stayed in his bed for more than 2 hours . . . total.

I'm bitching about it now, but I'm also somewhat enjoying it. Both of my boys fell asleep in my bed with me while I was reading last night, and it filled me with such love and joy. There is no greater comfort as a mother knowing that your children are safe and happy. Seeing their peaceful, sleeping faces gave me such pleasure like no other. I really didn't mind having them in my bed.

I suppose that makes me an enabler. If that's my crime, I'll take the punishment of no sleep . . . just a bit longer.


  1. We've had three of our four boys who've always joined us for part of the night at some stage from infant to preschool aged. My youngest is 19 months and goes through phases of sleeping all night in his crib or wanting to join us. Usually, he only reverts to wanting into our bed in the wee hours when he isn't feeling completely 'right.' It could be physical (e.g. teething or sick) or emotional (e.g. dad's on a business trip, etc.)

    Hope you can get more sleep soon. I completely empathize about looking older than the 40 something you are when sleep is lacking.

  2. i have to agree with all you've said. i like having our tiny tot sleeping with us as much as i dislike the lack of sleep!

  3. I love this! I used to LOVE my kids in my bed!! Now I try and bribe them to sleep in their own beds so I can have some room to relax LOL!!

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  4. hahahha! my third was a total bed-hopper! I hope you get some sleep... even with your guys :)

  5. If it makes you feel any better, my son did that too and the phase lasted about 2 weeks. :)

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  6. Oh I'm so glad to be past those days. Now our worry is WHERE they are at night! Mine are 18 and 21. Came by from LBS.

  7. Hi, stopping by from Sundae hop but i'm already your follower. You are so right no better feeling for a mom than your child being safe and happy. Happy hopping.
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  8. Sometimes I wish my son would nap with me...he hasn't since he was a new born. :)

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