Sunday, December 9, 2012

Polar Express - Lesson Learned

The family and I were watching The Polar Express in 3D last night, and it was truly beautiful. If you haven't seen it in 3D, it's definitely worth it. It was the best ride I've taken in years.
I love the beginning when the train first arrives at the boy's house and he's unsure whether to get on the train or not. I find myself yelling at the screen, "Get on! Get on the train!" It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? A trip to the North Pole? On a magic train? I'm onboard. At this stage of the game, I know better than to let golden opportunities pass you by.
My husband, on the other hand, yelled out something completely different. He said, "Don't get on. They're strangers. You don't know them." At first I was annoyed, and then I started thinking he was kind of right.
Don't we teach our kids to stay away from strangers. Never go anywhere with someone you don't know. In this day and age, you pretty much need to keep your kids locked up behind closed doors for fear of someone luring them to go somewhere with them. I realize, of course, The Polar Express is a movie and not reality, but there's a mixed message there somewhere. Right?
I suppose the lesson should be if a magic train pulls up in front of our house on Christmas Eve and an adorable animated Tom Hanks tells you to get on the Polar Express, it's okay to go. But if anyone else tells you to climb on board their magic train, run screaming in the other direction.

I hate that I've turned into this mom. I hate it more that society is making me turn into this mom. At any rate, watch the movie in 3D. You'll feel like the kid who actually gets to ride on the magic train, without worrying about creepy guys being naughty.

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  1. I love Tom Hanks voice in it :] so my lesson is if the stranger has a nice voice than I am toast!!