Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Help! My Garland's Being Held Hostage

I do all of my Christmas shopping online. I am a HUGE Amazon shopper, especially at Christmas time. It's quick, simple and I don't have to leave the house to fight crowds.
My husband has a niece who lives in Oregon. Each year for Christmas and her birthday, we place a big order on Amazon and have it shipped to her. It's seamless and her mother is always thankful.
This year, I made the mistake of ordering some garland and lights for our house in the same order with gifts for hub's niece. Pretty garland too - prelit white garland for my mantle. I'm so excited! I separated the order by selecting different shipping addresses . . . or so I thought.
Either when going back in to select a different credit card or by some other circumstance unknown to me, the order was combined and everything went to Oregon. Not good! I live in New Jersey.
When the order arrived in Oregon, it was made known to me that the garland was mixed in with the order of gifts. Great. At least the offer was made to reship the items to me. This was over a week ago. Still no garland.
I've tried contacting the mother of hub's niece . . . several times . . . with no response. Why is my garland being held hostage? Why is she not responding? Did she change her mind and decide she doesn't want to ship the items to me? Is she using my garland in her house? Is she simply too busy to get to the post office?
I don't know what the answer is. All I know is she's on Facebook quite a bit and she's not responding to my messages. If I don't get an answer or that garland pretty soon, things are going to get ugly!

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