Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feeling the Burn

Starting to feel burnt out . . . already. I have 3 Christmas trees decorated and I'm working on the Christmas village that goes under my large living room tree. Here's what the third and final tree looks like, pre-village.

Once the village is done underneath, the major decorating (for me) is complete. Hubs still needs to finish up the outside decorating. We're waiting to see if the tree service can get here next week to take down a few of our trees in the backyard that were damaged from superstorm Sandy. I don't want any decorations on the lawn if there is going to be any tree work going on near my house. Last thing I want is a broken Santa or snowman. Those blowmolds can get costly.
My Christmas cards are done, but I still need a decent picture of the boys to put inside. And I still need to buy stamps.
My mantle is not finished yet on account of my garland being delivered to the wrong destination. I thought I would've had that done a week ago. Grrrr . . .
Then the presents need to be wrapped and hidden (somewhere) from the boys. Snoops that they are will find them in a heartbeat. I need to come up with some secret location where their spidey-sense won't kick in. It's getting increasingly harder to pretend these gifts come from Santa.
Right now, I would love to snuggle up on the couch and watch some holiday movies and enjoy my surroundings. That's not gonna happen for another week or two. Guess I just need to stay strong and carry on - Christmas style.

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