Monday, December 24, 2012

Opening Night Jitters - Sort Of

Happy Christmas Eve. It's a few hours before the Christmas pageant at our church. My 6 year old scored the role of The Little Drummer Boy, and I'm beyond nervous.
I've been privy to the church Christmas pageant for years, and it's truly adorable. I've secretly been hoping my kids would some day want to take part in it. I'm so happy the 6 year old agreed to participate. The pageant occurs at the 4pm mass on Christmas Eve. The Church is packed - I mean the biggest crowd of the year. Of course, he has no idea this is the case. If he did, he probably wouldn't have agreed to be in it in the first place.
He doesn't have to speak, so that's good. But he does have to walk slowly up the aisle, with his drum, alone, while all eyes are on him. Oh, there's that knot in my stomach.
You'd think it was his opening night on Broadway. Well this is, after all, his first role in anything. I hope this gives him the confidence he needs to put himself out there and take on bigger roles in the future. He is only 6 - we have a many more productions to go.
Break a leg, buddy! 

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