Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

I don't pretend to understand completely what Leap Day is all about. Something about farming and the calendar and perfection. Throw in a little Sadie Hawkins where women ask men to marry them or some such nonsense, and that's February 29th.

I recently watched an episode of 30 Rock that celebrated Leap Day in its twisted, humorous way. What I took away from that episode is this: Do something crazy today. Nothing counts on Leap Day. Real life is for March.

I kind of like the 30 Rock take on it the best. I'm not a farmer. I don't have crops. And I'm definitely not about to propose marriage to some poor fool. Maybe I'll do something off the beaten path today. Something unexpected. In reality, it is an extra day on the calendar. Why not make it unique?

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