Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preschool Passivity

My 2 year old, D, is in preschool 2 days per week. I love the preschool he goes to. It's the same one that my 5 year old, R, went to last year. Very laid back, lots of fun, never a problem.

I am getting aggravated with his teachers lately. I understand that they like to take the kids outside for fresh air whenever it's in any way feasible. That's fine. It's still in the 40s here, sometimes in the 30s, but it's fine. The fresh air is good for them.

However, last Wednesday night it snowed here. It melted right away, but everything was still wet on Thursday. Obviously, that didn't seem to matter to this group of teachers. They let the kids play outside in the play area . . . which was wet. Did I happen to mention it's still in the 40s?

I picked up D and his pants and socks were wet. Great. A few days later, he started sneezing. Great.

I sent him to school today fully expecting them to go outside. They did. Today's in the 40s but damp and cold. It's supposed to rain and, in fact, was drizzling when I picked him up. He wasn't wet today, but his hands were like ice cubes. The teachers, for some unknown reason, didn't put his mittens on. Did I mention he was sick from last week's wet playground incident? And it's still in the 40s?

What is wrong with these women? I realize my kid is not your kid, but please, use some common sense! If you feel the need to take them out regardless of the conditions, at least arm them with the gear provided. Work with me, people!

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