Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

A few things occurred to me this week after dealing with more snow and basically being shut in the house with the television on too frequently:
  1. I miss flowers.
  2. My impression of Steven Tyler changed drastically after last night's American Idol. His humanity and kindness and caring towards the wheelchair-bound, brain-injured fiancee of a contestant moved me to tears. That man is a gem.
  3. You are one car accident away from your life changing drastically.
  4. There has to be a better way to get coal out of a mountain than sending miners in there. I cannot bear to hear another story of trapped or killed coal miners in this and other countries. It seems so 19th century.
  5. My kids really like cookies. A lot.
  6. There are lots of good ideas in the government arena but none that will come to fruition - all in the name of politics. There has to be a better way to get things done in this country.
  7. Living frugally or thrifty has become a lifestyle. It's no longer something to be ashamed of.
  8. Any woman who says she's fine sharing her spouse/significant other with another woman is kidding herself. I watch Big Love and can't imagine my husband literally spending the night with the girl next door.
  9. I don't spend as much time reading books as I would like.
  10. It snows so frequently here my kids don't even want to go play in it anymore. Been there, done that.


  1. I agree, Steven Tyler is great, and yes, we are one car accident away from changing our life completely.

    I like cookies, live frugally and want to see snow.

  2. I was a little worried when he started with "Don't call me Steve." A dramatic story about that girl...she landed a great guy.

    Government won't ever get anything accomplished, even when their hearts are in the right place. It's up to us.

    Excited to follow all your adventures now, swinging by from the hop.

    The Survival Mama

  3. I too was impressed and touched by Steven Tyler's gentle compassion on last night's show. He is fascinating to watch anyway!

  4. You have been snowed in a while to do that much thinking (ha ha)

    Best wishes,


  5. Wow! Do I like you (but not in any kind of girl next door way). Intelligent, witty and wise. Following back from LBS!