Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Something new I'm going to try on a weekly basis - Thursday's Thoughts. Just random thoughts that are going through my mind this week . . .
  1. I can't believe Gabrielle Giffords is able to stand and use an iPad after being shot in the head 2 weeks ago. I am in awe of what this woman has gone through.
  2. I will surely miss Regis Philbin every morning on Live with Regis & Kelly. Hearing of his nights out in New York the night before was something I so looked forward to each morning.
  3. The woman who fell in the mall fountain while texting has some cajones for suing the mall.
  4. I know it's only January, but I wish it would just stop snowing already in New Jersey.
  5. I cannot understand Marilu Henner and the other 5 people who can remember every day of their lives. I can barely remember 5 minutes ago.


  1. Hi There, thanks for finding my blog today, I dropped by to follow you back.

    I liked your list today and I'm so amazed at Gabrielle's progress :)

  2. Thanks for the visit to my blog today! I wish I could send you some of our warm weather. Today is a little cooler, it´s only 98°.... :)

  3. Oh snow, I hate snow! And I'm with you on Regis!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog today, i am so with you on the woman suing the mall. I saw her on the news this morning and it made me physically angry!!

    i also just wish it would stop being so hot here in AZ, it's JANUARY and it's hot! it really is amazing ms. giffords is recovering so well, it's still top news out here

  5. Wow I didn't know about that woman who is!

    I just found your blog through a Thursday blog hop! Have a great night.

    Amanda @

  6. I agree w/ you I saw marilu henner on the today show and thought how in the world....and Regis will surely miss all his story telling of those new York nites..big shoes to fill. Following you from the blog hop today. Join me at undeserving grace when you get the chance!

  7. We must watch the same shows...I was thinking the same things as you were. In fact my Aloha Friday question today is who should replace Regis! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us today for Thursday's Friends Cafe. Love that you joined us and I am following you back. Happy Friday!