Friday, January 14, 2011

Let The Purging Begin

In an effort to get rid of the junk that occupies my home, I have begun cutting some of the excess. I started with the kids. Sorry, but they're still little and won't know the difference.

#1. I started with the toy boxes and baskets that are in almost every room throughout the house. Anything that is "baby" or broken was tossed in the trash. The little guy is almost 20 months - bye bye baby. Then I took the toys that I know they don't play with but are still in great shape and took pictures of them. I'm going to first try selling them on ebay. If they don't sell there, I'll bring them over to my local consignment shop to see if she'll take them to sell. Plus side of selling on ebay - I don't have to split the profit. Down side of selling on ebay - I have to ship the item. That means packaging the item up, prepping it for shipment and then giving it to the mailman.

#2. I went through the boys' book collection and tossed the torn books, books missing covers and ripped-off pages from books. Then I went through the stack of coloring books. The ones that were almost completely colored I junked. Ones that were falling apart, junked. Same thing with sticker books - ones that were missing most of the stickers or completely finished, out in the trash.

I actually made some headway. Baby steps actually, but at least I'm clearing out something. Before you know it, birthdays will be here and a new round of toys will be coming in to the house. Ugh!


  1. I love love love doing this. We get so weighed down by stuff. Feels so good to let go :).

    <3, New Follower

  2. I am always throwing stuff out - tempted to chuck out Hubby this year! lol
    Love your blog which I've just stumbled across and am your latest follower.
    Please do drop by and maybe follow if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
    Warm wishes from a cleared out house now containing virtually nothing - isn't that the principle of Feng Shui?
    Carol from

  3. I am all for clearing out kids outgrown stuff too (toys and clothing). It is the only way to keep my sanity with three kids and a very small house. I participate in an awesome seasonal kids consignment event in South Jersey called Best Dressed for Less ( each Spring and Fall. I am able to make 70% on the kids stuff I sell (because I volunteer to work) and get to shop from the awesome items 300 other families like me sell. It is really great! They even have a private pre-sale for consignors. The BEST part in addition to the regular closet and playroom cleaning I do 2X a year is the $500+ checks I am able to earn. We used our money last sale to join a pool club for the Summer!

  4. Way to de-junk. Things accumulate so fast when you've got kids in the house. My older son loves to play with, well, basically trash. He'll find an item he thinks is interesting and play with it for a few weeks. Plus side is that we don't have to spend much money on toys for him since he prefers to play with random junk. The down side is that we accumulate a lot of junk that we have to go through every so often.
    Thanks for joining us for Feed Me Friday! I'm following back. Hope you'll come again next week.

  5. Aaah that kind of purging feels so so good! I get in a ruthless mood, which is pretty much required isn't it? Congrats!

  6. I did the toy purge post xams and if felt so good...until the new toys took over!

    Following you from say hi sunday! Stop by sometime!