Wednesday, January 2, 2013

School Days, Not What They Used To Be

That felt like a quick break for me. Sent the 6 year old back to school this morning, still with trepidation. The collective conscience has gotten past the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, but mine hasn't.
All over our local news this morning are reports of the Marlboro School District having armed guards at all schools beginning today. They are running a 3 or 4 month pilot program to see how this pans out for them. How could it go wrong? If a shooter wants to claim his fame by gunning down helpless children, do you think he's going to a Marlboro school where there are guards to protect the children? I think not. He'll go to a helpless district with no armed guards and try to outdo the previous sicko who did the same.
I've brought my concern to our local Board of Education, and plan on continuing to do so until something is done. I'm meeting with some heavy resistance about armed guards, probably for monetary reasons, but I will press on. My job is to ensure the safety and well-being of my children. If I don't do all I can on that front, I've failed as a parent.
So I dropped off my boy this morning, praying yet again he survives the day unscathed by the psychosis that has the potential to destroy his, and my, world. I pray now for a time when I won't have such heavy matters weighing on me just by dropping off my boys at school.

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