Tuesday, January 17, 2012

That Boy is Breaking My Heart

R, my 5 year old, is giving me grief every morning. He doesn't want to go to school.

It's not just the whining and crying and carrying on that gets me, it's the sadness I see on his face and in his eyes. It's just too much for a mother to take.

We live in a district with full day Kindergarten. I understand it's a long day because, well, it is. Especially for a boy who's used to doing what he wants when he wants.

I accept the fact that he needs to get used to the structure and routine because he's going to be in school for a looooong time. So my sympathy for him, outwardly, only goes so far. Inwardly, it's breaking my heart.

I know he's not sick. He says he likes his teacher. He's smart. He gets all of his work done. He says no one is bothering/bullying/teasing him. What he does say is he misses me. And there goes my broken heart still throbbing from the break.

I hate to impose punishment for my boy wanting to be with his mother (ouch my heart), but each morning he cries and carries on before school there are no Wii or computer games allowed after school.

Fearing he may get used to no games after school and find something else just as enjoyable, I've upped the ante. He's been talking about his upcoming birthday in May and how he would like to have a Cars-themed birthday party. If he wants to have a birthday party, he must go to school without tears or whining and complete his schoolwork every day until then.

I realize there's another month of school after his birthday, but I'm hoping by that time we've eliminated the problem. Then we can enjoy the summer before starting the whining/crying/carrying on all over again in September.

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  1. Gosh, thats right- your bio is my mirror image; 40 something mom of two boys. Glad I have fortyish company and with a mom of boys! We're just past kindergarten, and did ok, but I remember those crying mornings from preschool. Heart wrenching . Hang in there.