Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post-Surgery Virgin

Yesterday I had microsurgery on the basal cell carcinoma that was found on my shin. I was somewhat nervous about the whole thing since I'd never had surgery before, other than oral (yuck).

The procedure was fine, mostly painless and pretty simple. The outcome was even better - bye bye cancer cells. What I wasn't prepared for was the day after.

Never having had surgery before, I'd never had stitches before. Not only are they ugly, mine are blue, and they kind of hurt the next day.

Every once in a while, it's very uncomfortable at the incision site. It feels like a burning and stinging sensation, and then it stops. There's no constant pain, just a feeling of uneasiness in the general vicinity.

Maybe I'm a wimp because my stitches are only about 2 inches long. I can't imagine the discomfort from the amount of stitches some endure. I can now empathize with all those who've experienced this at one time or another.

I'm thankful for science and technology providing us with the ability to perform needed surgeries. I just wish it could be prettier, and a little less uncomfortable.

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