Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Four Seasons?

As we edge toward the end of January, a mild winter thus far on the East Coast, I find myself looking forward to Spring.

When the temp is 52 degrees on January 24, it's kind of hard not to think of Spring. I'm already searching for those first crocuses to pop up on my lawn.

It's odd that it snowed two days ago leaving an inch or two behind while today there are no remnants of that snowfall anywhere. Something strange is going on with the weather.

I wonder what the next two months will bring us here in New Jersey. After what seemed like endless snow on the ground last winter, my snowboots have yet to get properly wet this year.

I honestly don't mind a mild winter. I just hope it's no indication of a sweltering summer ahead.


  1. My weather is totally bipolar, it will be freezing one moment & hot as hell the next!

  2. Here in Florida, it is already hot (hitting 80 today). We only had one frost where I am, so I am hoping that it killed off the mosquito population. I hope that this spring and summer will not be scorching.