Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Happy December! Don't know why I feel happy when I've been feeling nothing but stressed with all this decorating. Tree is still not done. There's one more box I'm waiting on hubby to get down from the attic. Still have about 10 more nutcrackers to put somewhere. Not sure I mentioned it earlier, but I collect nutcrackers. I have about 70 out of boxes right now. It's insane because I'm running out of room. I just love the way they look all lined up 3 deep on the hearth. They're like my protective soldiers guarding the house. At least that's my little fantasy. Here's a sampling:

Then there's the Christmas village that goes under the tree. I was postponing putting that out because I had a feeling baby boy would do damage. Sure enough, Destructo got his hands on 1 of the 5 pieces I decided to put out today and broke something. It was unavoidable I guess. It all looks so tempting to touch. So it's been stressful because I can't say I'm done with anything. I'm almost done with a few things. Oh and I still didn't start the Christmas cards yet. Ahhhhhh!!!!

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