Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Joy

I feel like I have Thanksgiving weekend hangover. I am exhausted today. Yesterday we went to my Mom's for dinner since my brother, who was unable to attend my Thanksgiving dinner, was coming to visit. It was Thanksgiving all over again. Round 2 of cooking, serving and cleaning up. Then at home, it's all about decorating. Boxes and boxes and more boxes of decorations keep coming out of the attic. It's partly my fault. I collect nutcrackers and storing them is difficult since the boxes tend to get pretty heavy the more you pile in them. So we try to spread them out into numerous boxes. We're not talking just a few boxes. I have close to 80 nutcrackers - some of them rather large. I just spent the past hour trying to organize them on my fireplace hearth only to realize I have another box full of them to put out. Did I mention I'm exhausted?

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