Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

I've been known to get sentimental as the new year rolls in, even when I was young and had no idea why I was being sentimental. This year, it feels like any other day to me. With 2 small children and no party to attend or throw, I'm not experiencing any excitement about tonight. Sad, jaded, but true.

However, in honor of 2010, I will post my list of memorable events from the year. These are national/international events, not personal, that made an impact on me this year.

1. The Gulf oil spill
2. The withdrawal of thousands of troops from Iraq
3. The passing of Elizabeth Edwards
4. The trapped Chilean miners
5. The WikiLeaks
6. The conviction of Elizabeth Smart kidnappers
7. The Christmas blizzard of 2010
8. The continual rise of unemployment
9. The smoking Indonesian baby
10. The final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show

Here's my list of personal events from 2010 that have made an impact on me:

1. Baby boy started walking and talking
2. I am making more of an effort to be neighborly
3. The 4 year old really likes his preschool
4. We refinanced on our house
5. I increased my blogging efforts
6. I got rid of a lot of kids' toys
7. My mother is still alive after her 80th birthday
8. We got a Wii for Christmas
9. I am beginning to make a dent in my reading collection
10. I am making better use of the kitchen I am stuck with

Happy and Healthy New Year. Hope to see more of you as we turn the calendar.


  1. I love your list!!Great blog and thanks for following me. I am now following you back =)

    Happy New Year!!
    Karen @Mommy Times

  2. Being more neighborly...what a great resolution! Stopping over from Lady Blogger's Society.