Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafty Projects Every Day

Feeling hectic lately and I'm not sure why. It's probably the kids. They get very restless and excited because the tree and outside decorations are up. Every day, the 4 year old wants to do another crafty project. It's a battle all day long with him. He does not know how to occupy himself. We've been making ornaments for the tree or jingle bell bracelets or something else I need to come up with. Here's a sampling of today's crafty project. We stuck jewels on this clear ball ornament and stuffed it with some cotton:

The problem is he's done in less than 5 minutes and wants to do something else. I have things to do. I'm still trying to finish the Christmas cards. I need to wrap the gifts that I have. I don't have his teachers' gifts yet. And I don't have time to blog. Baby boy is doing his own thing - watching Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and playing on the train table. It's the bigger boy who's making me crazy! I can't seemingly spend the entire day doing craft projects and playing games. Can I?

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