Monday, December 6, 2010

A Spoonful of Sugar . . .

Feeling a bit sad about now. My 4 year old is still coughing after 2 weeks. He is prone to bronchitis so I took him to the doctor last Friday to have him checked out. His lungs are clear but he does have this horrible bronchial cough. He's not coughing constantly but he sounds terrible when he does cough. He's not running a fever and he's basically acting normal, but that cough. The doctor has him on antibiotics and a nebulizer in addition to his usual allergy meds and nose spray. I feel so bad for him, although I don't think he's really suffering. In fact, whenever I tell him he needs to take his medicine or use the machine, he starts yelling at me, telling me he's sick of me or he hates me or I'm no fun. I realize that he's 4, but these words cut me to the quick. I'm sick-to-my-stomach worried about him and praying to God that he doesn't develop bronchitis or pneumonia, and he's telling me how much he can't stand me. No mother wants to hear these words and I suppose the exhaustion caused by my constant worry is making me even more sensitive. Am I a bad mother? I'm sure I have my days. But I think I try to do my best, especially what's best for my children. I'm just looking for some sugar to take with that dose of medicine my son gave me.

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