Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stuff This

I'm stumped as far as stocking stuffers go. I've never really done stocking stuffers before. When I was young, my brothers and I just got a chocolate Santa each in our stockings. Hubby's telling me to get a bunch of stuff to put in the boys' stockings, and I'm kind of lost, especially for the 1 year old. What am I going to stuff in there? He doesn't get it yet. His head is going to explode as it is with all the new toys we got for him. Somehow I don't think whatever I stuff in his stocking is going to matter much. The 4 year old's stocking will be overflowing for sure. I went way overboard with him, but he's easy to buy for. Everything I see in stores would be good for him. Little dinosaurs, Toy Story anything, slinky, crayons, puzzles. He's at the perfect age for little stuff that doesn't cost much. Hell, I even bought him a pair of Iron Man gloves and matching hat I found in Target. The little guy - how many trains can you stuff in a stocking? That's about all I have for him, and a Thomas DVD, and some socks. Woo Hoo! Who am I kidding? He'll be playing with big brother's toys anyway. Or at least trying to . . .

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