Monday, June 11, 2012

Teacher's Gift Idea

The end of the school year is very stressful . . . for me. There's a lot of running around and teacher's gifts to be bought and brought to school. I'm not big on the do-it-yourself stuff, but I want to be. This is what I did for both R's and D's teachers this year.

I purchased popsicle sticks and round wood circles from AC Moore. I tacky glued them together. I found a cute template print out from another mom blogger of these circles that read "Thank you for helping _____ bloom." I typed in each boy's name, printed it out, used a scrapbooking cutter in the shape of a flower to punch out the saying and glued it to the wood circle. Of course, you don't need a special cutter. You can simply cut out the saying with a pair of scissors and attach it to the wood.

Then I purchased plants from our local garden center and stuck each stick inside the plant. Voila! Simple teacher's gift  complete. 

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