Monday, June 18, 2012

One Person's Junk . . .

Even though the calendar says we have a few more days before the official start of summer, it has officially started at my house. Now that the boys are out of school, they're mine - all day, every day. I struggle with things to keep them busy (already), and have found that I have some projects of my own around the house that need to get done - with or without their help.

I've decided to hold my annual yard sale this upcoming Saturday. Every year, I set up my driveway for those thrifty garage sale seekers to come peruse my "junk" in search of a hidden treasure. I collect items all year long and put them in boxes in my garage. It gets the stuff out of the house until I can get them out of my life permanently while making a few bucks in the process.

I need to rifle through the so-called "junk", put prices on them and dust them off. I suppose I could have the boys help me with this endeavor; however, I've snuck a few old toys out there and fear they'll want to bring them back in the house. Maybe I'll keep the box of toys under wraps as long as they're around. Sorry, boys, but those toys have to go!

I probably don't have as much "junk" as potential buyers would like, especially when I hold a sale every year. I will always have toys, maybe a few outdated appliances or gadgets, a chair or two, pictures, perhaps some holiday items, and lots of books. I try to unload some of my parents' things as well. They have lots of hidden treasure that they just don't want to part with yet.

I suppose if I dig a bit deeper in my closets and drawers, I'll find some "junk" worth a few bucks. Then the following week maybe I'll hit a few yard sales looking for my hidden treasure.

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