Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And We're Done

I'm happy to report R graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. I'm so proud of him.

He's a very smart boy, but he's also very sensitive and emotional. He cries so easily. I worried how he would handle school and its demands, but he got through Kindergarten with flying colors and only a few tears - thankfully. And now he's a first grader!

What a bittersweet time for me as a parent. Part of me wants to jump and down because my boy is growing up. He's growing his wings and learning how to be independent. The other part of me can't believe that tiny little bundle who cried and kept me up all hours of the night is now off on playdates on his own. I won't say I miss those days, because I don't, but I do marvel at how far we've come in a seemingly short period of time.

I'm glad and relieved he had a positive Kindergarten experience. I'll start to worry about September in a few more weeks. For now, here's to a relaxing summer - well, as relaxing as 2 little boys allow.

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