Thursday, April 14, 2011

WOW 100 Words - Falling Man

Although this is a Wednesday blog hop hosted by Ruthi Reads!, you are welcome to hop in at any time. Just share exactly 100 words from your current read(s) and add your post URL to the linky list. You can use The Word Count Tool to count book excerpts.

From Falling Man by Don DeLillo, page 218:

She came across the obituary late one night, looking at a newspaper that was six days old.

They die every day, Keith said once. There's no news in that.

He was back in Las Vegas now and she was in bed, flipping the pages, reading the obits. The force of this obituary did not register at once. A man named David Janiak, 39. The account of his life and death was brief and sketchy, written in haste to make a deadline, she thought. She thought there would be a complete report in the paper of the following day. There was no . . .

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  1. Oh dear, this has an emotionally ominous feel to it.

    Great share, Debbie! Happy to have you in the WoW 100 blog hop! I'm also your newest google friend connect follower.