Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Reno: Day 1

The official work on my kitchen started this morning, bright and early at 8am. I am presently stuck in the upper regions of my home with a 4-year-old and 1 year-old-boy. Six hours in and none of us are happy at this point.
The kitchen is in the center part of the house. You can't access the family room without going through the kitchen. The family room houses the big TV and the Wii. The 4-year-old is not pleased. He's already done 2 puzzles, played Elefun, Honey Bee Tree and numerous games on the computer. He's presently laying on my bed watching PBS kids with his Leapster. Poor kid, right?

My refrigerator is currently in my garage. Not so bad except I have to go outside to get into the garage. The only other access to the garage is from the family room. Gotta love the 1960s layout of my cookie cutter home.

We found a place to put the microwave in the family room. It's fine, except I have to go outside and through the garage to get to it. Considering my refrigerator, which is housing all of our food, is in the garage, a few more steps into the family room to warm it up isn't such a big deal.

I miss a working kitchen. And I hate mess. Maybe if it were a bit warmer and sunnier out today, we'd all be in the yard and it wouldn't seem so bad. Cooler temps and showers are making it worse than it really is. Thanks again, Mother Nature.

I've heard the best part of a kitchen reno is when it's done. I'm counting down the days . . .

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